Age of Terror - Art Since 9/11

Age of Terror - Art Since 9/11: The UK’s first major exhibition of artists’ responses to war and conflict since 9/11, including the works of Khaled Abdul Wahed, Mona Hatoum, Omer Fast, Hanaa Malallah, Jamal Penjweny and Hrair Sarkissian. Featuring more than 40 British and international creatives, they explore the issues surrounding the global response to 9/11, the nature of modern warfare and the continuing state of emergency in which we find ourselves. Their unique ways of communicating through their art provide different levels of understanding and the stories they tell, whether first or second-hand, come from alternative viewpoints not always reflected in the mainstream media. Through film, sculpture, painting, installations, photography and prints, the exhibition highlights the crucial role of artists in representing contemporary conflict. Taking place 26 October, 2017-28 May, 2018 at the Imperial War Museum London, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ.