Basira Presents

Basira Presents 'Ana Ahlam' and 'Shokran Toni': Attend Basira's next screening of two short but very powerful documentary films addressing women's rights in the Arab world, followed by a Q+A with Dr Nahid Toubia. Produced by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, ‘Ana Ahlam’ explores gender-based violence as experienced by Palestinian refugee women living in Lebanon. It asks whether or not there is hope for female survivors of domestic abuse. Whilst ‘ShokranToni’ reflects on the special friendship formed between the American novelist Toni Morrison and a group of Sudanese women. When Morrison published an open letter in response to a Youtube video showing a Sudanese woman being lashed for an unknown moral crime, director Nahid Toubia responded by creating this film. Guest speaker Toubia is a Sudanese surgeon and women’s health rights activist who specialises in the research into female genital mutilation (FGM). She is the co-founder and director of ‘Research, Action and Information Network for Bodily Integrity of Women’ (RAINBO). Taking place on 30 October, 2015 at the Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0SW.