Eternal Light Art Exhibition

Eternal Light Exhibition: In many people’s minds, Egypt invokes visions of either pharaohs, temples and pyramids or of the turbulent politics of the past six years. Little is known on an international level about the wealth of modern and contemporary art that seeks to transcribe the social, political and cultural issues of the present—or simply to portray contemporary daily life—by drawing on the visual motifs of Ancient Egypt that underpin the Egyptian identity to this day. Eternal Light brings together works by Egypt’s most prominent contemporary artists to show the world that Egypt continues to play a crucial role in contemporary artistic and cultural life. The artworks on display draw upon various elements of the styles, movement, color and themes of Ancient Egyptian art and transform them into multifaceted conversations that reflect and reinterpret the complexity of Egyptian culture for the 21st century’s global audience. Hosted by the Egyptian Cultural Bureau and Art D’Egypte,, the exhibition will be taking place 2-23 March, 2018 at  the Egyptian Cultural Bureau, 4 Chesterfield Gardens, London W1J 5BG.