Flamenco Arabe

Flamenco Arabe: One of a series of concerts produced by Arts Canteen that aims to highlight the connection and build on it with original compositions and renditions of melodies from Andalucia and the Arab world that shows the common thread that runs through these traditions. While flamenco music was born, and still lives, among the scenic green hills of Andalusia in southern Spain, some performers have moved beyond both the geographical and the stylistic boundaries of traditional flamenco to incorporate a variety of new styles into their work. Others still have turned inward, searching for the obscure origins of flamenco, and have found the pervasive Arab influences - touching everything from the style of performance to the very rhythms and scales of the songs themselves. With his top-flight ensemble, Attab Haddad Quintet thus blends the Andalusian, Mediterranean and Arabic sounds with contemporary jazz approaches to create story-like compositions with the breadth of the Sahara and the intricacy of the Alhambra Palace. Taking place 8 June, 2018 at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.