Returning To Haifa (Theatre)

Returning To Haifa (Theatre): The world premiere of the first English-language adaptation of the classic novella by Ghassan Kanafani, 'Returning to Haifa', adapted for the stage by Naomi Wallace and Ismail Khalidi and directed by Caitlin McLeod. A compelling story of two families – one Palestinian, one Israeli – who are forced by history into an intimacy they didn't choose. Set in the aftermath of the 1967 Six Day War, the Palestinian couple - who fled their home in 1948 - return to Haifa after 20 years of being away. Although prepared to find someone else living where they once did, nothing could have prepared them for the encounter they both desired and dreaded: the son they had to leave behind, and what he has become. Coinciding with the 70-year anniversaries of both the Nakba and the foundation of the State of Israel, this is a deeply moving play of suspense and heartbreak, where humanity and vision combine with a frontline immediacy. Taking place 27 February-24 March, 2018 at the Finborough Theatre, 118 Finborough Road, London SW10 9ED​.