Suslov’s Daughter (Book Launch)

Suslov’s Daughter (Book Launch): A conversation with the Yemeni author Habib Abdulrab Sarori on his latest novel 'Suslov's Daughter'. Translated into English by Elisabeth Jaquette, it is the tale of the young man Imran growing up under communism in South Yemen, who finds himself drawn to Hawiya, the daughter of a high-ranking official in the ruling Marxist party. He departs Aden, the seaport city of his childhood, to study literature in Paris, hoping to ‘see the sunset of capitalism with his own eyes.’ Years later he returns to Yemen and meets Hawiya again – only to find that she is now a niqab-wearing Salafist, calling on people to join the conservative Islamist movement! Set against the backdrop of Yemeni history, Sarori’s Arabic Booker long-listed novel traces one man’s lifelong search for love and his own political ideology. Taking place on 7 December, 2017 at West End Lane Books, 277 West End Lane, London NW6 1QS.