Summer Arrives + Brings the Longest Fast of Ramadan! Not to Despair...

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June sees the official start of the Summer season with the Solstice bringing the longest day of the year when the sun won't set until 9.24pm. For some this might not be a relevant thing but just more light for fun and socialising; but, for many others, you might well be observing the Ramadan fast. With such long hours to go without food or water, this year will be a true test of your physical endurance and spiritual strength.

But either way, do not despair as London will be bringing you lots of events to keep you busy all day long and until late or just in time for your iftar. 

Reviving the old tradition from the Arab and Muslim world, Arts Canteen is hosting a unique 'Ramadan Night' which will gather musicians, poets and storytellers after dark and the breaking of the fast. The Rich MIx venue will transport you back in time and where an ensemble, led by Najib Coutya, will explore the mosaic of Arab Maqamat (modes), Muwashahat (songs of classical Arabic poetry from medieval Andalusia) and Qudud (folk songs originating from Aleppo, Syria).

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Featured on Nahla Ink this month also sees Palmusic UK, aka 'The Friends of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music', holding a first public fundraising concert to raise money that will allow up to a 100 children in Gaza, Palestine to attend the wonderful ESNCM school in the local branch. To be held at St James Church, Piccadilly the line-up will bring three emerging Palestinian musicians - all proud ESNCM graduates - performing alongside the acclaimed Chilingirian Quartet led by Levon Chilingirian and also with Wissam Bousany, who is a renowned Palestinian flautist, composer and trustee of Palmusic UK.

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Other than these, preparations are now seriously underway for the Shubbak Festival that will launch and take place from 11-26 July, 2015 with some of these dates also coinciding with Ramadan. I strongly advise you all to visit the official website to gage the incredible scope of this year's programme and to book EARLY because events are already selling out. Over sixteen days, Shubbak will turn London's art venues into a contemporary Arab haven, with music, theatre, films, exhibitions, debates, installations and so much more to choose from.

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Last but not least, I refer you to 'My Curious Inbox' for even more listings of events as they keep coming up! -

Best wishes to all!

Nahla Al-Ageli
Freelance Journalist
London, June 2015