Mars At Sunrise

Mars At Sunrise: The Arab British Centre (ABC) has teamed up with the Fajr Falestine Collective to bring exclusive, wonderful, quirky and different films from the Middle East to be viewed online; to raise funds for a 2014 project aimed at creating more films on the current issues in the Palestinian political, social and cultural life from a new or avant-garde perspective.

The Arab British Centre (ABC): Creative Postcard Challenge!

Any budding or established artist, sketcher, graphic designer, photographer or creative other is welcome to apply before the deadline of 31 May, 2014; after which two top winners will be announced. Their individual work will feature on a new postcard that will further be used for up to two years by the Centre and be distributed as part of its marketing package materials.

Arabic Language Course

Arabic Language Courses: The Arab British Centre (ABC) is offering Arabic language courses from March-June, 2014 with Ibrahim Othman. Othman who has several years' experience in teaching Arabic at different levels both in his native Syria and in the UK. Classed will be at the ABC premises at Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE.

Seven Years On, Preserving Literary Heritage

Seven Years On, Preserving Literary Heritage: Banipal and the Arab British Centre (ABC) will present an afternoon of poetry readings and discussion on the seventh anniversary of the bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street, in Iraq. The event will bring together individuals working in the industry, to support and celebrate the significance of independent publishing and bookselling. Also, to  coincide with the discussion, the Iraqi actress, Dina Mousawi and Syrian actor Ammar Haj Ahmad will also perform poems by Saadi Youssef from the anthology 'AlMutanabbi Street Starts Here'.