Alia Alzougbi

Amal - Hope (Concert)

Amal - Hope (Concert): Arts Canteen and 'Celebrate Life Events' will bring together their collective strengths in relation to the arts scene in London and present an evening of powerful, heartfelt performances by some of the best artists from the Middle East and Greece who are based in our capital city. Living in a world that is increasingly filled with sad news from many places, this is an opportunity where the universal language of music can touch everyone and where also the mediums of storytelling and film can inspire and educate.

Ramadan Night

Ramadan Night: Promising to be a magical evening to mark the start of Ramadan. Audience are invited to experience an atmosphere that will be gently lit by candles and Arabic lanterns and where one can enjoy a world of story-telling, comedy, poetry and rich musical traditions. There will be songs and sounds that reach back in time through Arabic history. An ensemble, led by Saied Silbak, explores the mosaic of Arab maqamat (modes), muwashahat (songs set to the text of classical Arabic poetry from medieval Andalusia) and qudud (folk songs originating from Aleppo, Syria).

Show Me Edgware Road

Show Me Edgware Road: A daring, funny and moving play that looks at the lives and experiences of a Middle Eastern mother and daughter exiled in London. Featuring five leading female Middle Eastern artists, based in the UK, Show Me Edgware Road unveils the poignant and fragmented moments of their predicament, flashing as it does between the past, present and future.With startling visual imagery, song and text, Show Me Edgware Road unveils the discord and harmony of hope and longing.

February – Arab Revolutions Theme - Music, Art Exhibitions, Talks, Films and Theatre featuring Dissident Puppets!

Serious with dark-humour, it will feature some original films made by the real-but-anonymous members of the dissident Syrian puppeteer company Masasit Mati; who have acquired a powerful online reputation for using finger-puppetry to firstly mock President Bashar al-Assad and whom continue up until now to cross borders between Lebanon and Syria in order to put up their political-lampooning performances.

Evening of Subversive Storytelling

Storytelling Circle - Wise Tales Replayed: Part of the Nour Festival, an evening of popular tales from the Middle East with a new ring that subverts and surprises. Presented by Alia Alzougbi with mischievous humour, she takes ancient wisdom, chews it up and spews it out as contemporary fables. Among the tales is 'Layla and the Wolf', 'Waseela' and the Arabian Nights tale 'The Lady and her Five Suitors' reset under the Assad regime. This will be followed by a quirky quiz to test your knowledge about the Arab world!

‘The Singing Stones’: Save THE Play About Arab Women During Revolution

The organised crowd-funding campaign recently started and needs to achieve a target of £6000 in the next ten days. This money will go towards pay for the set design costs, marketing and advertising and the costs of producing an animation sequence based on Middle Eastern graphic novels for the play’s ending.

Mama Quilla Seeks Support To Make ‘The Singing Stones’ A Reality!