AWAN Festival

March Festivals: The WOW + AWAN + HRW FF 2016

In terms of scale and the wider community, London will be hosting its sixth installment of the incredible 'Women of the World' (WOW) Festival. Running for six days from 8-13 March at the Southbank Centre, it will bring together thousands of UK and international attendees and participants who can mix and mingle with each other and discuss gender issues. WOW is now the largest women's festival in the world with branches across five continents and one million people involved.

Textural Threads: A Collective Show Redefining The Female Space And Emerging Art From MENA

United by what can only be described as the fearless feminine spirit, ‘Textual Threads’ brings five strong emerging artists who will inspire you, challenge you and make you marvel at the different creative ways each has chosen to approach some of the difficult topics impacting on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region today, whilst also offering internal transformations. With a womanly abandon in the use and choice of highly different textures and methods, what is pertinent to the Arab is here revealed and with a great cross-section of origins coming from Syria, Libya, Algeria, Saud