Ayyam Gallery

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Driven By Storms (Ali's Boat)

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Driven By Storms (Ali's Boat): A solo show of leading Iraqi artist Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, excerpted from his critically acclaimed large-scale installation. The multimedia work describes a simple exchange between the artist and his nephew, Ali. Weaving together a narrative of displacement with the imaginings of his nephew, Alfraji details his own visions of exile as marked by the recurring dream of returning to the Baghdad of his childhood while depicting the fantasy world of a boy who seeks to leave behind the calamity of war.

Shurook Amin

Shurook Amin 'We'll Build This City on Art and Love': The Ayyam Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Syrian-Kuwait artist Shurooq Amin. Recognised for her cutting-edge approach to painting, which combines diverse media in the creation of bold portraits, Amin is a prominent figure of the contemporary Kuwaiti art scene.

Syria Apex Generation

Syria Apex Generation: A UK debut featuring recent works by Syrian artists Nihad Al Turk, Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik, Othman Moussa, Mohannad Orabi and Kais Salman. Curated by art historian and Ayyam Gallery Artistic Director Maymanah Farhat, the exhibition will spotlight a new school of Syrian painting in the midst of expansion despite the disintegration of the Damascus art scene, its original centre. This multi-venue group show will be held at the Ayyam Gallery, London from 7 August-12 September.

Faisal Samra: Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction (C.D.R.)

Displayed against the walls are provocative looking objects mixed with digital images and performance videos that include: a broken chair, a damaged clay sculpture, a plastic bag with fragments from the same sculpture, long tubes with small colorful pencils inserted in them, two big eyes gazing and across one wall are the portrait images of a woman undergoing a struggle with cancer.

Athier I: Man of War

Athier I, Man of War: Ayyam Gallery and Edge of Arabia present the first UK solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and editions by the Iraqi artist Athier, whose work here has been inspired by the fluidity and human detachment of destruction. From 18 February-29 March, 2014 at Edge of Arabia Elcho Street, London SW11 4AU.

Faisal Samra, Ayyam Gallery

Faisal Samra, Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction: Ayyam Gallery will host the first solo London exhibition of the Saudi Arabian artist Faisal Samra. Faisal Samra has long been intrigued by the process of creation, ‘living with it each moment of the day, even during sleeping, therefore [he] wanted to treat this subject in [the] artwork itself’. Thoughts on the process of creation reached new dimensions as Samra began to consider not only construction, but also destruction and reconstruction in relation to the Middle East, the concept of the ego, and the human body.