Halal Love (and Sex) Film Screening

Halal Love (and Sex) Film: Directed by Assad Fouladkar, this film is about three individual but intertwined stories in which devout Beiruti Muslims try to manage their love lives and desires without breaking any of their religion’s rules. Awatef, middle aged mom of two girls, is recruiting a second wife to help her satisfy her overly loving husband. The young and excessively jealous Mokhtar needs to find his ex-wife another man to be able to marry her again - for the fourth time.

Insight with Fadi Zaghmout

Insight with Fadi Zaghmout: Hosted by Basira, this will be an informative evening discussion with the best-selling author, social activist and blogger, the Jordanian Fadi Zaghmout, who will be addressing the theme of 'MENA Youth: Navigating Gender Rights and Personal Freedoms in the 21st Century'. Drawing inspiration from his first fictional novel ‘The Bride of Amman’- a best-seller that tackled the rigid societal norms and expectations imposed on the youth in the city of Amman, Jordan – he will offer insight into the delicate subject of gender rights and personal freedoms,

Basira Presents

Basira Presents 'Ana Ahlam' and 'Shokran Toni': Attend Basira's next screening of two short but very powerful documentary films addressing women's rights in the Arab world, followed by a Q+A with Dr Nahid Toubia. Produced by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, ‘Ana Ahlam’ explores gender-based violence as experienced by Palestinian refugee women living in Lebanon. It asks whether or not there is hope for female survivors of domestic abuse.

Bastards Documentary Film

Bastards Documentary Film: Every child deserves a future. Bastards tells the moving and uplifting story of an illiterate young woman who took on tradition, her own family and the Moroccan legal system for the sake of her daughter. This is a gripping, poignant and humorous documentary that reflects on a society determined to modernise its attitudes to women. Director Deborah Perkin was the first person to film in a Moroccan family court and lived in a Casablanca slum to be close to her subjects.

Maha's Arabic Music Show

Maha's Arabic Music Show: Tune in to listen live to Maha Rahwanji's 'Arabic Music Show' on Kilburn to Kensal Radio on 6 November, 2014. Maha's last show featured classic Arabic music and an engaging talk with Ahlam Akram, founder of Basira, the first NGO giving a voice to British Arabs calling for universal women's rights. You can also back-listen to all of Maha's segments by the link below.

Basira Evening on Women's Rights

Basira 'Evening on Women's Rights': Basira (British Arabs Supporting Universal Women's Rights) will be dedicating this evening to the screening of the film 'Ana Ahlaam' that addresses the impact of domestic violence and 'Abortion of the Soul'. This will be followed by a discussion led by keynote speaker Lesley Abdela MBE, who is partner at Shevolution and Chief Executive of Project Parity and has over 20 years experience in the fields of gender and democratic development.

Bastartds (Film)

Bastards with Director Q+A: A film that follows the real story of the 14-year-old Moroccan Rabha El Haimer, who was forced into marriage with a man she’d never met and who later finds out that her traditional wedding has no legal status and that her daughter, Salma, is considered illegitimate. She then embarks on a heroic fight with the Moroccan judicial system to have her sham marriage recognised and her daughter legitimised.

Basira: Binteen Min Masr

Binteen Min Masr: Basira Presents will show and after discuss the film Binteen Min Masr with keynote speaker Shereen El Feki. Shereen, who is the author of 'Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World at The Coronet Cinema, Nottinghill Gate on 27 February, 2014. Basira is a non-profit human rights organisation that promotes women's rights in the Arab world, as well as mutual understanding between Arabs and the Western world.

Ahlam Akram - BASIRA Dream

Just think of what they could achieve, what they could learn from one another, what would be their specific concerns and how they might choose to tackle them: for that is the BASIRA dream that belongs to the lovely and feisty Ahlam Akram, a lady of Palestinian origin that I had the pleasure to meet mid-December 2012.