Bassem Youssef

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival (HRWFF) 2017

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival (HRWFF) 2017: The international HRWFF bears witness annually to human rights violations across the world and creates a forum for courageous individuals on both sides of the lens to empower audiences with the knowledge that personal commitment can make a difference. It also challenges the audience to empathize and demand justice for all people.

Farewell to the BFI London Film Festival 2016: Nahla Ink's Highlights

The powerful selection brought to London’s BFI audience – this year the festival in total attracted 184,7000 viewers - the most vivid, wonderful and colourful cinematic proof of a real force to be reckoned with and that which is embodied in the talent of the local filmmakers, producers and actors who are working from within the Arab region; and, whom are all artistically, via film, reflecting on the current realities of political and social upheavals as well as tackling universal human subjects without the use of simplified or over-complicated clichés.​