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Comics and Cartoon Art from the Arab World

Comics and Cartoon Art from the Arab World: This display is a chance to explore the art, history and significance of Arab comics from the 19th Century Egyptian satirical press and children’s comics of the mid-20th Century, to the contemporary graphic novel and comics scene. This small display highlights a vibrant visual archive that illustrates and engages with issues concerning everyday life, politics and society across the Arab world and beyond.

Naji al-Ali - A Tribute

Naji al-Ali - A Tribute: Naji al-Ali (1938–87) was a Palestinian political cartoonist who drew over 40,000 cartoons, from sharply critical commentaries on Palestinian and Arab politics and political leaders to visionary symbols of inhumanity and the pity of war. Born in Galilee, he was a victim of the nakba in 1948 when his region was cleared to make way for Jewish settlers. Growing up in Lebanese refugee camps and prisons, he first scribbled protest cartoons on the walls before finding work in newspapers.