Frontline Club

'Goodbye Aleppo' Screening Q+A

'Goodbye Aleppo' Screening Q+A: A BBC Arabic documentary film about a team of four young citizen journalists who film themselves and each other as the battle for Aleppo rages around them in December 2016. They show what daily life is like in the last days of East Aleppo as the Syrian Army, the Russians, Iran, and Iran-backed militias in December 2016 gradually take the city from opposition fighters. The team film in extremely dangerous and life-threatening situations, trapped, bombarded, and encircled with the civilians under siege in East Aleppo.

Rough Stage: London Premiere

Rough Stage (London Premiere): Directed by Toomas Järvet​, 'Rough Stage' follows ​the story of Maher, a Palestinian man with a dream. An electrical engineer by trade, in his heart he’s a dancer and wants to put on the first modern dance production at the cultural centre in Ramallah. The problem is that those around him view this art form with incomprehension and disapproval; and, to make matters worse, the dance tackles the subject of freedom, a particularly risky subject for a former political prisoner.

The War Show

'The War Show' Screening with Q+A: Through observational and at times humorous footage of everyday life, 'The War Show' exposes what it is like to be a creative, ambitious young woman living amidst one of the most destructive conflicts of our time.

The Girl From Aleppo

'The Girl from Aleppo' & Responding to Syria's Humanitarian Crisis: Acclaimed British foreign correspondent and author Christina Lamb now tells the timely and inspiring story of a remarkable young hero: sixteen year-old Nujeen Mustafa. Born with cerebral palsy, Nujeen undertook a harrowing journey from war-ravaged Aleppo to Germany in all in a wheelchair.

A Revolution in Four Seasons (Screening with Q+A)

'A Revolution in Four Seasons' (Screening with Q+A): Directed by Jessie Deeter, in 'A Revolution in Four Seasons', two politically-opposed young women fight to shape their lives - along with the political future of Tunisia - in the first four years following the revolution. Emna Ben Jemaa is a secular journalist fighting to keep religion out of government, whilst Jawhara Ettis ​works within Parliament to help gently guide the nation towards more Islamic principles.

This Is Exile, Diaries of Child Refugees

This Is Exile, Diaries of Child Refugees: Over the course of a year, Emmy Award-winning director Mani Benchelah made this intimate portrait of Syrian refugee children forced to flee from the violence of civil war to neighbouring Lebanon. It tells the stories of the children’s lives in their own words and captures the moving truth of how they deal with loss, hardship and dashed hopes. Nearly all the children look forward to returning home one day, but Fatima, who is disabled, is thriving in Switzerland where she feels fully acknowledged for the first time.

Nawal El Saadawi, London Visit

Nawal El Saadawi, London Visit: Renowned Egyptian writer, feminist and activist Nawal El Saadawi is in London and will take part in several events this Autumn. Described as 'the most influential feminist thinker in the Arab world over the past half-century' by the Financial Times, here are two opportunities to get a glimpse of this legend of a woman.

The 51 Day War, Gaza A Year On

The 51 Day War, Gaza A Year On: It is a year since the Israeli army launched Operation Protective Edge against Gaza, with the air strikes and ground invasion leaving more than 2,000 people dead, approximately 18,000 homes destroyed and at the height of the hostilities 500,000 Palestinians displaced. The scenes from Gaza and the media portrayal of the events had ignited a global debate about the enduring conflict; but, a year has passed and the media spotlight has moved on and the people left to rebuild their lives with over 100,000 still displaced.