Hannah Khalil

The Scar Test Play Hannah Khalil

The Scar Test (Theatre): The latest from award-winning Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil, this is a strong piece of theatre based on verbatim interviews that explore life inside Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre, a place in which those seeking safe haven are thrown into a dark world under lock and key where their lives are regulated, privacy is non-existent and where every detainee has a story to tell.

Scenes from 68 Years

Scenes From 68 Years (Theatre): An epic snapshot of life in Palestine, then and now. Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil draws on stories from family and friends’ lives to paint this alternative picture – one rarely glimpsed in mainstream media and told with typical Palestinian black humour.


Bitterenders: Second of two play readings at the Mosaic Rooms of emerging Arab playwrights in collaboration with Sandpit Productions’ Bulbul Playwriting Competitions. By Hannah Khalil and directed by Chris White, 'Bitterenders' is a dark comedy about a family of Palestinians who find themselves forced to share their home with Jewish settlers by a court ruling. As they struggle to come to terms with the imposing chalk line separating them from the interlopers, they discover something that threatens to destroy their already fragile home altogether.

Waiting For Summer, Arab Women in Revolution

Waiting For Summer, Arab Women In Revolution: Swivel Theatre Company presents a series of short plays about Arab women in revolution, directed by Diyan Zora. From a wedding in Syria to a kitchen in Palestine, revolutionary Egypt and wartime Iraq, four writers take us on a gripping journey through the Arab world; with new writing from Hannah Khalil and Maximillian Singh Gill, to an adaptation of Yusuf Idris’ Madam Vienna by Hassan Abdulrazzak and a revival of Martin Crimp’s Advice to Iraqi Women.