Hawiyya Dance Co

June Highlights: Celebrating Refugee Week + MENA-Inspired Events

Looking through My Curious Inbox, one important week-long occurrence will be the celebrations connected to Refugee Week, marking its 20th anniversary this year. A worldwide phenomenon, Refugee Week was established to counter negative narratives often encountered in mainstream media and within society towards refugees and asylum-seekers, by highlighting their positive contributions made to host communities. 

In London, there will be hundreds of events throughout Refugee Week (18-24 June) so below are just my top three that are MENA-connected.

Fragments Of A Journey

Fragments Of A Journey: An informal showing of two pieces of work in progress, both performed by refugees, on the theme of displacement. The first part 'Safar is the result of a dance project led by Hawiyya Dance Co, that will present a group of women, accompanied by musicians on stage, who will perform a dabke dance as a celebration of the resilience and resistance of refugee women. Their performance explores movement as a tool of expression for both individual and cultural identity, while reflecting on the concepts of journey and womanhood.