Hawiyya Dance Company

Curfew: Taking A Dance Step Into Resistance

It is this indifference on the global scale that Curfew confronts the audience with. An original dance performance, it draws upon a mix of contemporary-modern moves and the traditional Palestinian Dabke. Creatively directed by Sharaf Darzaid, who is a member of the El-Funoun Palestinian Dance Troupe, it refers one to the local struggle against oppression and how dance has become a form of resistance and an empowering means of self-expression.

Palestine On The Thames

Palestine On The Thames (Nakba In My Present): Marking the 70th anniversary of the Nakba by exploring its meaning and celebrating Palestine, this two day event will feature a number of presentations by speakers who will share their views, feelings and experiences about what Nakba means to them. It will also host a vibrant programme including: an art exhibition by Nabil Anani, embroidery workshops by Auntie Suzy, dabke workshops by Hawiyaa Dance Company, stalls and pop-up shops with a raffle, food and good discussion.