Juliana Yazbeck

Juliana Yazbeck Album Launch

Juliana Yazbeck Album Launch: Lebanese artist Juliana Yazbeck has carved a solid identity and signature sound on the London scene, fusing Lebanese aural traditions with soul and hip hop poetry. Her debut album 'Sungod' takes one deeper inwards, introducing atmospheric electronic minimalism to the mix and weaving poetry into a new world that calls on the old gods as well as the new... it is also a journey to rediscover identity before Westernisaiton: as women, as Arabs and as autonomous peoples.

Arena Sessions - Z The People + Juliana Yazbeck

Arena Sessions - Z The People + Juliana Yazbeck: A Palestinian themed Supper Club and invite to listen to the incredibly talented Palestinian composer Z The People and the Lebanese singer Juliana Yazbeck in a candle lit, intimate setting where you can expect a delicious three course meal cooked by masterchef quarter-finalist chef Ingrid Wakeling. Z The people is the producer and singer of soul, debka, and electronic music and co-founder of the band 47Soul from the Bilad Al-Sham region.

Juliana Yazbeck at Sands Films Studios

Juliana Yazbeck at Sands Films Studios: Born in New Jersey to refugee parents fleeing the Lebanese Civil War, Juliana Yazbeck’s mixed cultural background influences her music: politically conscious lyrics in both English and Arabic merge with Levantine sounds and hip hop poetry to create a soulful, raw and profoundly heartfelt performance. Through music she explores uncomfortable truths, connecting with her audience on a beautiful and human level. She will be accompanied by Alexis Kraniou on guitar.

Sounds - From Beirut to Damascus

Sounds - From Beirut to Damascus: Promising to be a unique and intimate music evening with Rihab Azar playing the oud and handpicked song from Syria and Juliana Yazbeck, who will be performing a set of original songs fusing poetry and hip hop with Arabic and Levantine singing traditions, accompanied by acoustic gypsy guitar. Yazbeck is a Lebanese singer, songwriter and composer, whose mixed cultural background influences her music: lyrics in English and Arabic tackling gender issues, displacement, identity, racial inequality, war and peace as well as fusing the Arabic aural