Lena Chamamyan

October Note - BFI LFF MENA-Connected Films, 1:54 African Art Fair + More!

Turning as usual to the London based and MENA-inspired arts and culture calendar, October looks to be a busy month with festivals, exhibitons, music and plenty more to choose from. 

Below are just some highlights I have picked out from the full listing of events that you can find on My Curious Inbox page. 

The BFI London Film Festival - 10-21 October At Various London Cinemas

Lena Chamamyan

Lena Chamamyan: An award-winning singer, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist from Syria, Chamamyan revives Syrian, Armenian and Bahraini folkloric songs with modern styles, creating an unforgettable link between oriental classic compositions and contemporary world music. Her arrangements and vocals skillfully incorporate jazz, fado, as well as Latin and African music, and even opera elements.

Guy Manoukian & Guest Stars

Guy Manoukian & Guest Stars: In aid of the British Lebanese Association Scholarship Fund, the internationally renowned Lebanese musician, composer and pianist, Guy Manoukian returns to London for a sensational concert featuring his sublime music and hit songs from his best-selling albums. Manoukian has been on the international stage for the last 15 years and a winner of Best Dance Album both at the Arabian Music Awards in Dubai and the Armenian Music Awards in Los Angeles.

World Drama Continues, London’s Cultural Arab Heart Keeps Beating!

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Whereas in London, though physically far from what is now a raging Arab Volcano, cultural events revolving around the Middle East are plenty, offering the opportunity for at least an artistic or intellectual digestion of what is going down in history as the most incredible chapter of our lives.

Lena Chamamyan, Barbican

Lena Chamamyan, Barbican: Syrian-Armenian musical trailblazer Lena Chamamyan is one of the best singers of her generation with a most enchanting voice at the core of her music and performance. Chamamyan's style is a beautiful mix of traditional Arab song with oriental Jazz, Armenian influences and Western touches as well. At London's Barbican, she will present her new collection recently written and composed whilst living in exile in Paris.