Maya Youssef

Souk for Syria

Souk for Syria: An exciting cultural and musical fundraiser for the Levantine Relief Network, a grassroots Syrian charity that provides education and aid to displaced Syrians. The Souq will be a magical journey through a traditional Syrian market where Middle Eastern arts, crafts, jewellery, toys and Syrian cuisine will be available.

Encampment by Good Chance

'Encampment by Good Chance': Part of the 'Festival of Love' at the Southbank Centre, 'Encampment by Good Chance' is a wonderful programme of art, discussion and hope for the future, inspired by the temporary theatre of hope that was set up at the Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp; providing a space of welcome and expression and housing a daily programme of theatre, art, music, discussion and workshops, with special guests and performances.

February Themes: Middle Eastern Food Recipes to Art, Music and Fashion!

The Food - Fancy a Culinary Experience?

Firstly a subject that I have not covered much before: food! Yes, you can now read my review of a beautiful culinary book that every Arab needs to have in her or his kitchen library. With Sherine Ben Halim Jafar's instructions, you can be sure that any planned dinner party will now turn out to be a huge gastronomic success! 

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Tarek Abdallah + Adel Shams El Din

Tarek Abdallah + Adel Shams El Din (Songlines): A wonderful opportunity to attend two fantastic acts from the Middle East. Tarek Abdallah and Adel Shams el Din (Egypt) have just released the album 'Wasla' in collaboration with Songlines. Originally from Alexandria, but currently based in France, the duo are fluent in the language of Egyptian classical tradition and are able to evoke the fascinating history of this music while extending it with spirited and contemporary inspired compositions.

Contemporary Flamenco Night: Myrddin + Maya Youssef

Contemporary Flamenco Night: An evening of flamenco musicians and performers where collaboration is a way of exploring artistic paths and breaking-down long-standing cultural and historical barriers. Featuring the Belgian Myrddin, who is a master of the Spanish-Flamenco guitar, who will be celebrating his fourth album 'Rosa de Papel'. He will be joined by Maya Youssef, a Syrian kanun player, educator and composer, whose musical journey began at the age of ten, when she first heard the sound of the plucked zither and has dedicated her life to this rare instrument.

Arabic Melodies Celebrating BBC Arabic's 77th Anniversary

Arabic Melodies Celebrating BBC Arabic's 77th Anniversary: With classical Arabic music performed live by Oxford Maqam, a middle eastern music ensemble and Syrian Kanun player Maya Youssef, BBC Arabic is taking a journey into the richness of Arabic music from the 1920s to the 1950s. Featuring music from various Arab countries including Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon and Egypt. Taking place on 31 January, 2015 at the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. Anyone can attend but you must register in advance.

Maya Youssef

Maya Youssef: Syrian musician Maya Youssef is an extraordinary talent on the kanun, a stringed zither. Her style combines the rich tradition of Syrian music with her own contemporary approach creating an unforgettable experience for the listener!​ Event will take place on 25 October, 2014 at St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG.

‘Go Fund’ Maya Youssef! Give Musical Hope to Syrian Refugee Children

What is happening to Syrian children today is unspeakable and the impact is on such a deep subconscious level. I am a mother and I can’t imagine the loss and pain they are going through at a time when they are supposed to play and be happy. I hope with something as connecting and powerful as music that layer by layer their wounds might heal.” (Maya Youssef)

Go Fund! Help Maya Youssef reach her target of £6,715 by 15 September, 2014.

September: Arab-London Art Season Begins, How You Can Help It Thrive!

But top of the agenda this September has got to be Safar: Festival of Popular Arab Cinema’. Organised by the Arab British Centre (ABC) in association with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and the Dubai International Film Festival, it will present an incredible schedule from 2 September-5 October that attempts to ‘creatively chronicle the re-mapping of the future of Arab cinema and allows for a unique glimpse of what it might look like tomorrow’.