Merit Ariane Stephanos

Baha Yetkin and 'Thumbelina' Musical Fairytale:

Baha Yetkin and 'Thumbelina' Musical Fairytale (Double Bill): Fantastical encounters lead Thumbelina to faraway lands where she finds the meaning of freedom and true love. A Hans Christian Andersen tale brought to life in a one-woman show by Egyptian-German singer-composer Merit Ariane Stephanos, through song from Europe to the Middle East, referencing Sephardic folklore, Gershwin, Darwish and Montsalvatge.

Middle Eastern Song with Merit Ariane

Middle Eastern Song Workshop: A musical workshop where participants can dive into vocal repertoire led by Egyptian-German singer and composer Merit Ariane Stephanos and with performers Nilufar Habibian and Antonio Romero. Three hours will be dedicated to learning songs from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Andalusia, as well as the myriad interconnections between the Middle East and the Mediterranean. There is a chance to express oneself through colour and ornamentation, and learn about the Arabic modal system (maqam) and rhythmic patterns (iqa’).

Arab Christmas, Exploring the Early Arab Christian Chants

Arab Christmas, Exploring the Early Arab Christian Chants: A rare opportunity to hear chants from the Aramaic-Syriac and Byzantine traditions, harking back to the time of Queen Zanubia’s reign of Palmyra. It was in the second century that Christianity reached the ancient Syrian caravan city and witnessed the emergence of the first church melodies out of the secular Aramaic music of Syria and Iraq. Coptic Egyptian-German singer Merit Ariane Stephanos and Father Shafiq Abouzayd will introduce the audience to this music; and, in particular, to the chanting traditions of the Le

We Hear the Music In Their Feet

We Hear the Music In Their Feet (Fundraiser): A Christmas performance from a group of musicians celebrating the cultural richness of life in Europe as the result of centuries of migration. With musical movement being the theme that is developed by drawing from Arab, Kurdish, Iranian, Turkish, Armenian and Greek repertoires, each artist will bring his or her individual experience of modal, non-western music, presenting individual compositions as well as some fresh hybrids emerging from their work together.

Merit Ariane Stephanos

Pretty and petite, with henna dyed hair that she keeps short and sweet, we meet at Warwick Avenue. Quickly, she falls into tune and says: “My mother, who is from Germany, used to sing to me while breast-feeding, as she believed it would develop my pitch. By the age of eleven months, I knew by heart twenty folk songs.” I am intrigued to find out how she came to be the voice and face for the Jaljala and the Hjaz musical projects.