Mosaic Rooms

What do you mean, here we are?

What do you mean, here we are?: A retrospective of the renowned Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 1998, Townhouse emerged onto a scene dominated by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and its private affiliates. As one of the first independent art spaces in Cairo, Townhouse has borne witness to an unusual and intriguing trajectory.

The Gap Between Us - Basma Alsharif

The Gap Between Us - Basma Alsharif: The first UK solo exhibition by the artist and film-maker Basma Alsharif, featuring three key works from different periods of the artist’s practice. Alsharif is an L.A. based artist of Palestinian descent. She explores representations of history, conflict and subjectivity and how to produce new visual narratives. Alsharif creates rich imagery, manipulating and editing original film footage, seeking to unsettle perceptions and evoke affective experiences in the viewer.

The Show Has A Long Title That I Don't Recall Anymore

The Show Has A Long Title That I Don't Recall Anymore: An ambitious exhibition of new work by Lebanese artist Pascal Hachem, it will be composed of new sculptural installations that interrogate Hachem’s experiences of his home city of Beirut. Facing life in a city of both daily instability and overwhelming fragmentation, it considers how an individual or a society may remember their past.

Shift (Exhibition)

Shift (Exhibition): Three young female artists from Saudi Arabia - Dana Awartani, Zahrah Al-Ghamdi and Reem Al-Nasser - respond to accelerated change in their country and in the built environment of their cities and in domestic spaces. Caught between a future driven by globalisation and rapid urban development and a past at risk of erasure, the artists consider their own position and reflect on what is important to them as individuals and as part of the wider collective.

Domain of Conciliation

Dar Al Sulh (Domain of Conciliation): Dar Al Sulh is a unique supper club by the artist Michael Rakowitz, in collaboration with Regine Basha and Dr Ella Habiba Shohat to be hosted by the Mosaic Rooms. Set in the garden, guests can enjoy an al-fresco three-course meal featuring the artist Michael Rakowitz’s Iraqi-Jewish grandmother’s recipes.

Still - Judy Price

Still - Judy Price: The UK based artist Judy Price will present a complex body of work focused on Palestine. Two multi-screen installations and a photographic piece will reflect on Palestine’s colonial past and the current lived experience of occupation. Price explores, for example, the stone quarrying industry in Palestine’s West Bank through a subtle examination of the impact and workings of the occupation, where much of the material quarried is expropriated by Israeli authorities and used to build settlements or exported as Israeli stone.