Nahla Al-Ageli

The Arab Nomad Show (K2K Radio)

The Arab Nomad Show (K2K Radio): A debut session coming via the airwaves, co-hosted by radio-presenter Maha Rahwanji and Arab-London blogger Nahla Al-Ageli that will feature the latest arts and culture news and events for the Arab-Londoner. They will be joined by first studio guest Reham Alhalwani, the Arab Communities Manager at Migreat to tell more about the online platform that simplifies migration and offers tools that help educate, connect and empower any immigrant with the information and community they need to successfully migrate.

Maha's Arabic Music Show K2K

Maha's Arabic Music Show (K2K Radio): Tune in to listen live to Maha's Music Show on Kilburn to Kensal Rise Radio. This is where Arabic music meets Desert Island Discs of sun-soaked sounds that conjure up memories of lazy days in the Middle East. Maha has hosted important actors, poets, artists, musicians, journalists, photographers, rappers, writers, film makers, DJs, bands and even restaurant owners from the region to talk about their work and share their favourite music.

How Social Media is Changing the Arab Community Integration in London and the UK:

How Social Media is Changing the Arab Community Integration in London and the UK: Hosted by Migreat, a panel discussion will bring prominent figures from the Arab community in London to discuss the integration of Arabs as helped by the recent upsurge in social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc), and the way in which the shift in communication has been embraced by Arab migrants. The panel includes: Nahla Al-Ageli (Nahla Ink), Khalil Al Agha (Al Araby Al Jadeed), Aser El Saqqa (Arts Canteen) and Tara Jaffar (Meryna).

Spring April Sunshine Peek-A-Boo!

Now is the time to start thinking of all the alfresco places to eat and drink in London just in case; and, get ready for the outdoor activities that one cannot do when it is just way too cold or too dark early in the day. We all know how April likes to play peek-a-boo, alternating between lovely sunny spells but then also occasioning grey skies and rain.

About Nahla Al-Ageli

In August 1988 I arrived in London as a naïve and awkward thirteen year-old Libyan teenager and went straight to an American high-school to complete my education; hence, the American accent that throws people off not realising I am an Arab. Being young, silly and childish at the time, I didn’t really appreciate the potential world around me.