Nour Festival

November Highlights: 'Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs' + End of 'Nour Festival' 2015 + EFG Jazz Festival

Charting Egypt's journey over twelve centuries, beginning from 30BC until present day, it shows the remarkable objects that have been uniquely preserved in Egypt's arid climate and that tell the tale of this ancient land, from being a part of the Roman Empire, followed by the Christian Empire and finally, with the arrival of Islam. It looks at the changes from a world of many gods to the worship of one God.

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

Nadia Kaabi-Linke: Join the solo Tunisian artist behind the 'The Future Rewound and The Cabinet of Souls' exhibition at the Mosaic Rooms, where it features the recent work and commissioned site-specific installations that reflect upon the artist's interest in the way geography and politics inform the identity of both the individual and the collective and where the work has been inspired by the history of the gallery's building itself. Taking place on 28 November, 2014 at the Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0SW.

Zoom In Yemen

Zoom In Yemen: The British Council’s 'Zoom Short Film Competition' aims to discover Yemeni filmmaking talent, boost the local film industry and promote greater understanding about the country. This premiere screening of the winning film for 2014 sits alongside the project documentary and a panel discussion about Zoom’s success in promoting film as an artistic medium in Yemen and in creating stimulating opportunities for exceptional young talent to develop their interest and skills, using UK creative expertise.

Karama, The Tabernacle

Karama: The exciting London-based band, led by Moroccan oud player Soufian Saihi, will be performing at the legendary Tabernacle. The compositions, based around the oud, clarinet, double bass and percussio, find inspiration from the beautiful ecstatic Gnawa, North African and Arabic classical music as well as the diverse sounds of London streets.

Across Time and Space (Exhibition)

Across Time and Space (Exhibition + Talks): At the Ismaili Centre, a vibrant, colourful and thrilling exhibition of contemporary garments which have been inspired and influenced by Iranian, Kurdish, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Egyptian and North African cultures. Alongside them, the Royal Geographical Society presents a fascinating display of pre-photographic images and maps of the Silk Road and its Persian influence, together with original artefact from its collec

Nour Short Film Evening

Nour Short Film Evening: Curated by Yasmin El-Derby, an evening that will present five short films from the MENA region: Children of God (Iraq/UK), The Orchard Keepers (Egypt), Children of War (Iraq/UK), Sanctity (Saudi Arabia) and Voices of Khyam Allami (Iraq/UK). Taking place on 25 November, 2014 at Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London W14 8LZ.

Etyen at the Flyover Portobello

Etyen at the Flyover Portobello: Beirut-based musician and producer Etyen makes ambient indie electronic music blending vocals and instruments with electronic beats and melodies, making a link between his cultural heritage and a representation of contemporary music practices and progress. His tracks blend layers of warm melodic flurries and hazy vocals with electrifying beats, which at times morph into peaceful ambience that elevates the spirit into a serene state of being.

Road Food (Dishes from Bahrain)

Road Food (Dishes from Bahrain): Join chef Mimi from Bahrain who will bring the unique flavours of her country to the 'Road Food Cooking Demo' at Portobello and Golborne Market. Bahraini cuisine is a fusion of food from the surrounding areas whilst still retaining a distinct identity. Attend to taste a variety of delicacies that will be cooked from scratch with ingredients sourced in the market, such as Madhrouba and Machbous.

Maha's Arabic Music Show: Kilburn to Kensal Radio

Maha's Arabic Music Show: Tune in to listen live to Maha's Arabic Music Show on Kilburn to Kensal Rise Radio. This will be the second in a two part series on artists featured on the Nour Festival of Arts 2014 with a great line-up including Souad Massi, Ahmad Sultan, Mashrou' Leilla, Etyen and Karama. The show will also celebrate its first birthday on 20 November, 2014 at 5-6pm London time. Not to be missed! You can also listen to Maha's older posts through the link below.

Politics of Exhibiting

Politics of Exhibiting (Discussion Panel): A selection of works that raise questions about the continuing influence of past social forces on methods of representation today, from early twentieth century colonial spectacles and living exhibits to present day museum archives. Join anthropologist and curator Henrietta Lidchi, Dr Nirmal Puwar and writer Catherine Hahn as they look at the issues behind the politics of exhibiting other cultures, their construction of knowledge and truth and raising questions about methods and approaches for display in the future. Taking place at