Passing Clouds

Joseph Tawadros

Joseph Tawadros: A special solo show by Jospeh Tawadros who has established himself as one of the world’s leading oud performers and composers. A virtuoso of amazing diversity and sensitivity, Tawadros continues to appear in concert halls worldwide dazzling audiences with his brilliant technique, passionate musicianship and joyous style of performance.

Dabke Workshop With Al-Zaytouna

Dabke Workshop With Al-Zaytouna: 'East in East' will present a dabke-dance workshop guided by members of the wonderful Al Zaytouna dance troupe. Al Zaytouna is the UK- based Palestinian dance theatre troupe aiming to provide diverse audiences with the opportunity to experience Palestinian culture through performances and workshops.

Voices from Yarmouk

Voices from Yarmouk: ​The Yarmouk Palestinian camp in Damascus has been described as the worst place in Syria; but, it is also home to a talented community of artists determined to tell its story. Hosted by 'East in East @Passing Clouds', the evening will bring a programme of short films, photographs and music by the inhabitants of Yarmouk, living under siege and exile.

East In East @Passing Clouds

East In East @Passing Clouds: A monthly night dedicated to bringing the best in Middle Eastern contemporary music, film, poetry and art to London's East End. This installment will feature a screening of the award-winning documentary 'A Tale of Two Syrias' by Yasmin Fedda, followed by a discussion led by Highlight Arts (the team behind Reel Syira, Iraq and Afghanistan Festivals) and music by the Raast Collective.

Shout For Yarmouk

Shout for Yarmouk​: From the heart of Lebanon’s refugee camps, Palestinian hip hop group Katibeh 5 will bring sounds of the struggle while unique world music collective Raast will tell tales of love, the life of a refugee and resistance from the Middle East and beyond. The evening will also feature Arabic, reggae and funk grooves from DJ JLDN, two short films by film-makers from Yarmouk camp and home-made Syrian food.