Ramon Ruiz

Contemporary Flamenco Meets Arab Roots

Contemporary Flamenco Meets Arab Roots: A concert that aims to highlight the connection and build on it with original compositions and renditions of melodies from Andalusia and the Middle East; thus, showing the common thread running through both traditions. Oud player Attab Haddad has had an interest in flamenco more or less since he started playing the oud. Flamenco's forms, rhythms and melodies have influenced a large part of his work and he is still fascinated by the connections between flamenco and Middle Eastern music.

The Flamenco Trail, From the Middle East to Spain

The Flamenco Trail, From the Middle East to Spain: Flamenco is a fusion of music and dance from the Andalucian region of Spain with its roots in East India and Arabic music. Ramon Ruiz, UK's leading flamenco guitarist and Anita La Maltesa dancer and singer will be joining forces with the outstanding oud maestro Attab Haddad and first class percussionist Antonio Romero. Together they will be presenting another evening of blazing flamenco mixed with  the original  music from the ARA trio.

ARA Trio - Live

The ARA Trio: A wonderful live performance that will be a fusion of Arabic and flamenco music, traveling through the Middle East and Andalucia. With Attab Haddad playing the oud, Ramon Ruiz playing Spanish guitar and Ant Romero on percussion, this trio always deliver something rare, unique and enchanting. Taking place on 11 March, 2015 at Cafe Barcelona, 344 Streatham High Road, London SW16 6HH.

Attab Haddad Quintet

Attab Haddad Quintet: With his top-flight ensemble, Oud virtuoso Attab Haddad blends Andalusian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sounds with contemporary jazz approaches to create story-like compositions with the breadth of the Sahara and the intricacy of the Alhambra Palace. He will be performing with special guest renowned Flamenco guitarist Ramon Ruiz. Hosted by Arts Canteen, the concert takes place on 19 December, 2014 at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.