Zaher Omareen

Banthology: Stories From Unwanted Nations

In a creative response to what can only be described as a hysterical political measure, Comma Press, the champions of the short story form, commissioned seven writers from the original countries in Executive Order 13769 - Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Iraq and Yemen - to contribute to an anthology that would be published in the UK and the US. Five of the entries were penned in the native languages and have been translated into English.

Syria Speaks (Readings)

Syria Speaks (Readings): In Syria, culture has become a critical line of defence against tyranny. A new anthology 'Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline' showcases new writings which document and interpret the momentous changes that have shifted the frame of reality so drastically in that country. Join Syrian poet Golan Haji and authors Robin Yassin and Zaher Omareen for readings from the book's poetry, fast-fiction, reportage, oral testimony and memoir.

Revolutionary Stencilling Workshop

Revolutionary Stencilling (Workshop): A workshop with Syrian artists Ibrahim Fakhri and Zaher Omareen exploring Graffiti and its power to contest and resist during the Syrian uprising; with reference to the stencils of the Syrian martyrs, featured in the current Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition Disobedient Objects that show the faces of activists killed since the revolution began in 2011.