• Artwork - Libyan Artist Mohamed Abumeis - With Kind Permission (1)

Nahla's Editorial Note

The majestic colours of Autumn make it almost everyone's favourite time of year. As we warmly wrap up in coats and scarves, who doesn't love the look of the fallen foliage and the crunchy sound of stepping over the gold, red, orange and at times even pink and purple leaves. It is a time of change, mystery and contemplation of the life cycle, endings and renewal.

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Recent Articles

The annual BFI London Film Festival (BFI LFF) returns for the 62nd edition, bringing altogether 225 feature films this year that have been sourced from 77 countries. Always providing the most up to date films on an international scale with the screening of many world premieres, it annually hosts the work of both emerging and established directors from across the globe, making it one of the most significant and prestigious film events of the year in the UK.

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Includes Insight From The Karl reMarks Creator


Penned by online sensation and the Karl reMarks persona, this little book had me in stitches, thinking, confused, saddened and wondering from where does the self-styled avatar get the genius inspiration. Composed of a collection of quotes and illustrations that originally appeared on Twitter beginning circa 2011, it was the arrival of the Arab Spring that got London-based architect and real name Karl Sharro satirising on the Western media’s coverage of the Middle East and North Africa region.

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At the highly anticipated book launch that was held at the Holland Park Daunt bookshop, author Rana Haddad read out a few paragraphs from her debut novel ‘The Unexpected Objects of Dunya Noor’. The humorous passages got the whole informal gathering in fits of laughter; and, soon after, we were treated to the beautiful voice of Lina Shahen, whose Arabic songs transported us to an enchanting world of music originating from the Levant and a tune about people being neighbours with the moon.

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