• LIbyan Marilyn - Alla Abudabbus - 'Pop Art from North Africa' - P21 Gallery - 22 Sept-4 November 2017

Nahla's Editorial Note

Summer being well and truly over, the good news is that September indicates the restart in earnest of artistic and cultural activity with exhibitions, music, dance, films and festivals ready to launch and offer creative reprieve for all. Having updated My Curious Inbox with all the MENA-inspired London-based events, I can tell you that there are already 20 fantastic entries coming up this month and looking forward into October and November. 

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Recent Articles

An ugly shadow side of Libya’s history is that it was a slave market route for centuries under Ottoman rule, way before the Italian occupation and prior to Libya’s declared independence in 1951. Growing up in Libya, children might still hear stories from elders about the black maids who used to work in their household or about distant cousins in Africa who carry their same recognisable surnames. 

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Living in a politically volatile city in the Middle East, a young Arab drag queen – who is by day a tireless human rights activist – is arrested by the police in the early hours of the morning for being at a cinema which is a cruising spot for working class men. He is subjected to intrusive questioning and cruel abuse by the insertion of an egg-like contraption into his rectum to test and gage his homosexuality.

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The past twelve days have been a profound experience attending the 60th edition of the BFI London Film Festival (LFF) and trying to follow as many as possible of the Middle East and North Africa region-inspired productions. With the excellent programming input of the MENA-region strand advisors for the BFI, film producers Elhum Shakerifar and Ali Jaafar, I was touched, moved, inspired, made to laugh, made to cry and made to think by each and every single film that I was able to view, whether it was from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia or Saudi Arabia.

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